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SOLE-CNC from GLASPRAY exemplifies our commitment to sustainability in mobile living. This tough CNC twist ansd spray pacakge not only enhances luxury but also aligns with our core values of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Designed for precision and durability, it reduces waste through meticulous craftsmanship, allowing for reusable and recyclable material integration. Embrace SOLE-CNC and contribute to a sustainable future while enjoying unparalleled performance on the go. Discover the perfect companion for eco-friendly projects with SOLE-CNC.


  • Dosage : 0.07ml
    Pump : Crimp and Screw   
    Inner Bottle : Glass
    ※ Patented

    TSR10-CNC-SO 12.2ml 26 x 108mm
    TSR15-CNC-SO 16.0ml 26 x 134mm
    TSR20-CNC-SO 21.8ml 31 x 121mm
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