January 8, 2016


GoTwist™, Glaspray’s new brand name and identity for twist-up packages for fragrance and skincare markets.  GoTwist™ endorses two important trends in the core of our product developments.


Mobile Living

Lifestyle trends of the globalizing consumers is demanding for miniaturization and portability.  On-the-go products are essential for the new generation of time-poor consumer whom require increased convenience and flexibility.   GoTwist™ products are designed to fit the current lifestyle demands.



Miniaturization supports a sustainable society by reducing packaging and carbon footprints.  Global responsibility to be sustainable will continue to drive more eco-friendly developments.  Glaspray has kept sustainability in the forefront or our development for GoTwist™ products.  The cartridge refill system is designed so that the inner bottle (airless or glass) can be easily replaced once empty.  Reusing and reducing packaging material is a sustainable business model that enhances brand image and royalty.





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