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Established in 1987, GLASPRAY is a designer and manufacturer of dispensing packages for fragrance, skincare and cosmetic industries.


Glaspray's product R&D strictly follows the core values of the “R” guideline of Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We strive to innovate solutions that fulfill customer’s requirements on sustainability. Today, our product line of dispensing packages is 100% refillable and/or reusable and this is to express our care and concern for the world we live in.


As an innovator in refillable packages, Glaspray’s goal is to provide solutions to our partners to achieve their guidelines and standards of sustainability towards a true circular economy.








Thinking from new perspectives and applying intelligent engineering, Glaspray integrated different designs and mechanism, transforming ideas and concepts to products in unconventional ways.




Glaspray continues to create true multi-functional/cross over products in the market’s ever changing trends by adapting alternative functions, applications and materials in our product design. We offer a manufacturing process that facilitates different engineering requirements.



Less is more. Glaspray turns complex techniques and packaging structures into simple design language. We combine minimalism with refinement for your stylish consumers to strengthen your market differentiation.

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