GLASPRAY is a trendsetter in the design and manufacture of dispensing packages for the fragrance, skincare and cosmetic industries, we combine both expertise and experience to fulfill your unique requirements.



GLASPRAY's product range focuses on mobile living and sustainability through 3R, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Twist-up package cartridge refill system offers a portable solution for your fragrance and skincare brands.


Our mission is to turn our passion for innovative design and sophisticated engineering into your strategic assets.



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By thinking from new perspectives and applying intelligent engineering, GLASPRAY's designs and mechanism transform concepts into products in unconventional ways.




GLASPRAY continually adapts to create products for a constantly changing commerce. We are able to alter and adapt to any client's individual needs.



Less is more. GLASPRAY turns complex techniques into simple and elegant designs. Our minimalistic and refined styles will set you apart from your competitors.