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AIRLESS cartridge refill system, TUA (Twist Up Airless) is a patented system that carries balance between glamour and sustainability.  The airless cartridge replacement system means less impact on the environment, reducing and reusing.

Reduction of 66% plastics by weight in TUA full plastic package is achieved when the canister is reused for additional inner cartridges. Reuse of canisters reduces waste and carbon footprint in all stages of production and transportation.

Twist Up Refillable Airless Dispenser

Twist Up Airless
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Pure Path metal-free contact

Cartridge Refill System 

Airless pump cartridge utilizes pure path dispensing technology to achieve a metal-free path for all formulas. Twist Up Airless and cartridge refill system offers a luxurious packaging with flexibility and mobility, available in 15, 20 and 30ml.  



AIRLESS on-the-go

Our packaging design has compact features and is part of the on-the-go life style.


Cosmetic and skincare products are readily available by being there when needed.

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