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TUS-ROMA Aluminum twist up spray package is the perfect sustainable solution for your skincare, cosmetic, and fragrance needs. This innovative packaging design features aluminum canister with refillable bottles, reducing the amount of plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly practices. The sleek aluminum construction not only provides a durable and stylish look, but also ensures that your products are stored in a safe and secure manner. With its easy twist up spray mechanism, you can conveniently access your favorite skincare, cosmetic, and fragrance products with just a simple twist. Upgrade your packaging to the TUS-ROMA Aluminum and make a sustainable choice for the environment without compromising on style and functionality.

TUS-ROMA Aluminum

  • Canister : Aluminum

    Dosage : 0.13ml
    Pump : Screw-On GCMI 18/400
    Inner Bottle : Glass, PETG

    Application : Facial mist, setting spray, body spray, fragrance.

    TUS20-ROMA 23.8ml 33 x 130mm
    TUS30-ROMA 33.1ml 33 x 152mm


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